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15 years ago

Support Portal Update: the How To Section is Now Available!


We’ve added a new How To section to our online Support Portal! --

This section will provide solutions and tips for common tasks related to using our products. For instance, right now you can learn how to perform the following tasks with TestComplete:

  • download a file from the Internet

  • verify whether a web link is available

  • create and drop SQL databases

  • manipulate display settings

  • put your computer to the Hibernate or Standby mode

  • validate a Start menu shortcut

  • and much more…

The samples collection will be regularly updated, so keep an eye on our Forums and Blogs – we will announce the updates there.

If you are missing a solution for a common task, drop us a line - we will add your request to the How To update schedule and deliver the sample as soon as we can.

Enjoy the new section and send us your feedback!
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