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2 years ago

Storages.ini unable to read SubSections containing a . character

Running into odd  behavior when using Storages to read an .ini file, all subsections with a '.' character in their label are ignored. They do not get read into the structure. 

Believe this is a bug. I am Using TC14


Example .ini File 

[I contain a . character]

[I am a pure string]



Pretty straight forward, the entry is simple not There. 

using ini.subsectionexists(Label)  will return False, 

Saving the Storage.ini structure to a file will not contain any of the Subsections that contained "." characters in their label


Some Additional Characterization details. 

I can, in the Test Complete environment, add in subsection, where a "." character is in the subsection name 

If I then save the Storage.ini structure to a file then it will contain the subsection where a "." character is in the subsection  name.

So I can have a storage.ini object that contains subsections  with "." in their name.

The issue seems specific to reading the .ini file when initializing the storage object.