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5 years ago

Stop Execution causes OnStop Handler to fail

I noticed that when I use Stop Execution in our Keyword Tests, our OnStop Event Handler (which is a KWT) raises and exception when it tries to call an advanced script


Here are the contents of the KWT handler:

The exception raised says: 

An exception occurred while executing the script routine
I added some logging to trace up to where the script actually gets to, apparently the KWT cannot even load the advanced script.
Thinking that this might be caused by a weird behavior of advanced scripts in handlers I decided to make a purely advanced script version of our KWT handler:
And surprisingly this one works. Anyone know what the possible issue might be?
I was thinking that you can either go purely KWTs with no advanced scripts or just call an advanced script for the handler.

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    There should be additional details in the log if you click the details tab. What does that say?

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      Unfortunately the contents of the details tab is just this: