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7 years ago

SNMP queries | Audio board control

Hello, We are interested in using TestComplete for future tests, but there are some questions to be answered first: 1. Does it provide any API/Library to handle SNMP queries (Get/Set Request) t...
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    7 years ago

    Hi Maite,


    > is it possible to check peripherals (like an specific audio board) with Distributed Testing?


    Basically, TestComplete is a tool to drive external (tested) application as if a human user works with it. In order to be able to do this, tested application and TestComplete (or TestExecute as a less expensive runtime option in case of Distributed Testing) must run on the same machine.

    Additionally, TestComplete can call different APIs (Win32, DCOM, Java, HTTP, ...) and get and process their responses. Most of these APIs allow remote calls and in this case TestComplete and requested resource may be located on different machines. For example, you may use WMI to connect to remote computer, get and process the list of the hardware or software connected/installed on it and, depending on the capabilities of the given device or program, manage it.

    So, if your given audio board provides information to the operating system and provides the means for programmatic control, I am pretty sure that you should be able to check and control it from your test code.

    In the worst case you might be needing to talk with developers so that they provide you with some interfaces and/or utilities that will make it possible for you to control the audio board.


    Does the above answer your question ?