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2 years ago

Select an item from a dropdown (ReactVirtualized__List) list based on a variable from datasource



I am new to TestComplete and am currently evaluating the trial. 


I am testing a webform that has a series of different inputs, text, dropdown's, lists etc.


My datasource has some same test data that i use to populate each control. On some of the dropdown's after the automation pastes the test value from data source, the drop down does a search and displays all values that match that text entered. Each row in the drop down has the person's username and their unique email address. The test data will have the username and their email address.


The list is actually rendered as a "ReactVirtualized__List" as it has the "ReactVirtualized__Grid ReactVirtualized__List" calss attached to the parent element.


What I need as part of the automation is to find and select the matching row based on email address from the datasource.

As there may be many rows that contain the phrase entered in the input filed, i need to isolate the one I need as per email address.


I hope i am clear in what i am asking?


Is this possible?


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I will need to provide similar functionality to other inputs on the form.


Thanks in advance.