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4 years ago

Searching for objects in Keyword tests

Searching for an Object in Keyword Tests

THIS is unclear and I am looking for verification

In keyword tests, you can search for objects using the Find Object operation. This operation searches for an object by its property values and then call a method or property of the found object. To configure this operation:

  1. Add the Find Object operation to your keyword test. -NO Problem Add to existing Test

    TestComplete will show the Operation Parameters wizard. Got It

  2. Specify the object TestComplete will search for and click Next. -WHERE does this come from -For example if I want to specify a link.  Do I need to be on that page and navigate to the link

  3. Specify the list of object properties to check and the property values for the sought-for object:

    • Click Add to add a new item to the list. -Not Clear what to Add here

    • Enter the property name and value in the appropriate fields. These fields are case-insensitive.

    • Repeat the previous steps to specify other properties that make up the search criteria.

    • Click Next.

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  • Hello MarkSchofer - 


    1. Great!

    2. The object can be chosen using the target or by placing the object alias in the field.

    3. The easiest way to find these values would be to use the object spy ( on the element before entering the Find Object operation - because the spy will allow you to see all the available properties for the element and their values.


    For example:


    Let me know if this helps or if you have further questions. 




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      That is very good


      The property Name and values field I had no idea what to populate them with. Are these free form fields? This was very helpful Thank you.