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2 years ago

SAP GUI Access Table

Hello someone could  mention my question


I wonder about SAP GUI. 

In SAP GUI I couldn't access the Table ( below image's  Red Box). 



I wanna access each Table's cell and control. 

and That All Table's cell have same object name like below. 

Is that right? 


Anyway,  All I wanna do is access all table's cell. 

How can I do that? Please mention me your good  Idea. 


P.S. I already Set SAP GUI Parameter. 





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      No. That not contain my problem. 

      In SAP GUI, TestComplete can't read each table's column&row. 

      Is this problem Testcomplete's SAP GUI function limit? 


      Forexample, In this situation for WEB test automaion

      I use iframe disable command line. 

      Like this, I want to A solution in SAP GUI .

      I wanna Access each Table's column & row. 

      How can  I do that?