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2 years ago

Running the TestComplete test through Azure DevOps pipeline fails


 I'm trying to run a test through Azure Pipeline, but it fails to run with the following error.

"Unable to navigate to the https:<url> page."


However, if I run the pipeline while connecting to the remote server, the test is executed as expected. When I use 'tscon' to disconnect from the remote session, pipeline runs as expected for a while (around 10-15 mins) and then fails with 'Unable to navigate' error.


The test agent used has auto logon enabled, as well as the registry settings to 'keep session alive' and 'disable screen saver'.


Am I missing anything here?


Thanks for any insights.


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    What version of TestComplete are you using? Have you recently upgraded, and if so did the test work as expected on the earlier version?


    What is the test doing when you get to the part that fails?


    It's possible that this is happening and interrupting the test so then it fails. I would try building this into your disconnect script just in case.


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      Hi Marsha_R,

      Thanks for your reply.


      I'm using TC 15.41 and it was not upgraded. The test fails at the very first step when navigating to the page. What confuses me is that it works as expected when I'm connected to the test server. If there were any compatibility issues, then it would fail when I'm RDPed as well, I assume. 


      I'll explore your suggestion on rdpclip.exe process.