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7 years ago

Running a subset of tests in a project

I have a project with 100 tests which I have set up with Jenkins to run on a schedule. I would like to run 2 jobs daily: A "smoke" job which runs 30 tests out of the 100 tests twice a day. A secon...
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    7 years ago

    I'm not very familiar with the integration between TestComplete and Jenkins... however, as a command line, you can tell TestComplete/TestExecute to run a test item.  So, if you create a "parent" test item that "contains" the ones that you want to run, you can call that via command line.  See and reference the "/test:" command line switch.


    If you organize your tests appropriately, you can call a batch that way. 

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    7 years ago

    If test items are being used for your project under organize tests then you can group your test items under a parent.


    So test items for Project 01 would look like:

    • SmokeTest
      • Test 1
      • Test 2
      • Test ...
      • Test 25
    • Test 26
    • Test ...
    • Test 70


    Then on jenkins for your smoke tests job you can specify Project Test when setting up the Test Complete step and use SmokeTest.


    For the full run job you can then do the entire suite option