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6 years ago

Remote Error Catching

Hi *, yesterday I asked how to signal the fail of a remote test to a controlling instance? I solved it by setting a flag-variable on networksuite level by onerror_log event handler in the remote ...
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    6 years ago

    Hi Ulrich,


    Hope, I got your problem right...

    Well, you may get the state of every job via its properties -


    As for the status (I guess that in the given case you understand it like passed/failed)...

    On the one hand, it might be handy if job.Run() returns something like this.

    But on the other hand:

    -- While TestComplete well can be used for integration testing, its primary area is end-to-end testing (;

    -- In the end-to-end testing we are checking not that some operation works, but that some task can be done. It is possible that some problem occurs while doing the task and this problem definitely must be reported to the test log. But if the task can be done, then it should be reported as 'passed with problems'. And then it is a job for the relevant people to triage the severity of the reported problem.

    With the above in mind, I am not sure that simple Pass/Fail status is really meaningful result for the end-to-end tests.