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3 years ago

Recruiting users for Feedback on our new Deep learning/Computer vision capability

Hello everyone!


My name is Justin and I'm on the product team for TestComplete here at SmartBear.

We've been working on some exciting new AI/ML capabilities, and we're looking for some feedback on the following areas:


  • Visual object recognition: test any type of app (built with any framework) without depending on selectors
  • Natural Language Command: most simplistic, legible test scripts (again no technical imperatives here)
  • New Test authoring mechanism: a new test item that is even simpler than keyword driven tests. 


You can be brand new to TestComplete, or a seasoned veteran. Please comment in this post thread if you're interested, and I'll get in touch with you!



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    Occasional Contributor

    Hi Justin,


    I might be able to help. Also, I am working on a masters dissertation on these lines.


    Kindest regards

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    Hi Justin,


    I would like to assist if it is not too late.


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    Occasional Contributor

    As a licensed user for the past two years, we have been eagerly awaiting these AI features. The enterprise automation scenarios are heavily going to benefit from this. Please consider me as a contributor.

  • Thank you everyone! I'll be sending out an email shortly to everyone who commented

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    Occasional Contributor

    Hi Jusin,


    as an existing smartbear partner, we would also like to support you in this area. Please let me know what the next steps.


    Best regards


  • HI Justin,


    I would be very interested in the new functionality.




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    Late to the party, but would still love to contribute.



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    I would like to contribute to help with this new functionality.


    I'm kinda curious if this will work on our site. our site still uses iFrames.
    Having lots of issues with iFrames.


    Kind Regards