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8 months ago

Recorder Detect certain control type and use a specific mapping template

Hi all,


so i have a custom control (which have a specific ClassName 'NumericalTextBox') which is composed of multiple sub element inside like so:


Right now when i record some actions only the sub controls such as txtEntry and txtDisplay are being considered and in the name mapping they get added without its parent such as txtResistivity in this example.

To me this is problematic since those sub controls have a fix AID such as "aid_txtEntry" or "aid_txtDisplay". If the parent is not added then all those controls would become "mixed up" during the play back.


Is there a way to force the recorder to always add the parent control of a certain type when a new mapping is added?

I tried looking at the Template but doesnt seem to have this kind of feature?

Many thanks!!

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