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2 years ago

ReadyAPI-TestComplete Integration - Having issue with passing values to TC project variables

I am executing a TestComplete test case from the ReadyAPI and I need to pass values to three TC project variables. I have tried these two options but they are not working. Please help -   Option 1:...
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    2 years ago

    If anyone runs into a similar issue then I would like to share it here-

    1. Figured out the error I was getting with option 2. I had the space after the equal sign '=' in my command line and that was throwing the error when TC was getting launched. I am successfully able to pass the project variable value to the TC project after removing the space (there should be no space in the argument). However, through CommandLine we can pass value only to one project variable and have no ability to dynamically pass the variable value in ReadyAPI -TC editor. Therefore it was a go for me.


    I found option 3 - Use CSV file instead of Excel to transfer the project properties and it is working as expected, no drivers issue.