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8 years ago

Read and compare MD5

I am newbie to TestComplete & automation, working with desktop app.


My task is to create a script which verifies correct updating of the app. So somehow I have to:

  1. Extract md5 from downloaded files (malware signatures) in the particular hidden directory (one of the folders in 'Program data'),
  2. Go to url (server) that provides only md5 of the last signatures in the exact following format: [{"md5": "5dfb9f8a5332c420f8c9661634d3158d", "filename": "wl.c"}, {"md5": "8a68c46bcb7b995bb817b9e809450fe1", "filename": "rico.c"}]. NOTE (that is the difficulty): mds on the server are dynamic (changing at least once per hour), not static.
  3. Compare both md5s


So the questions are:

  1. Does script require launching additional tools for extracting and checking md5?
  2. Is it possible to write a keyword scenario for this task?
  3. Could someone provide a script example of possible solution, preferably in Python.


Thanks, Alexander

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    8 years ago



    1. You can access hidden directory using aqFileSystem methods and get required signature.

    2. If you are familiar with Python you can get a server's response and extract actual signature from there. I prefer the requests package.

    3. So you can create scripts for above mentioned steps and wrap them into the keyword modules.

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