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2 years ago

Questions about TestComplete being used for website testing..

Hi all.. 


I've heard of SmartBear but never used any of their software.  I've got a long history of software development for embedded systems and have always had unit tests and integration tests pounded into me .. but I am now working in a new sector and web is my focus at the moment -- which is a bit out of my normal area.  In this case I'm not working on the development team but just trying to steer our development team to a product that can be used to test and verify proper functionality of two Laravel/PHP based websites we have in active development.


My main question lies around the ability of function based testing of sorts.. Currently I believe our dev group is largely doing manual testing which is problematic in many ways.  I'd love to be able to move to a platform that allows us to write tests for logins, sign-ups, and numerous other functionality checks to make sure things don't get broken when bug fixes are done or features are added.


For both of these websites, they send out emails with specific contents (e.g. invoicing) and we'd need the test tool (e.g. TestComplete) to be able to ensure the email sent by the website has invoice numbers & contact info/content as expected.  I'm gathering that this is possible based on searching through old messages from 10 years ago.


I'm assuming that TestComplete can easily navigate different pages on a site and examine it for expected content, etc.


Is there a way that TestComplete can verify that a database has specific data in specific tables for testing some particular functionality?  (e.g. perhaps ensuring the user database has a test user created by the end of a procedure that tests the user sign-up functionality?


One more question on the pricing.. I'm assuming the pricing is per-year or is support in the 2nd and subsequent years something else?  The website didn't really address that.


I think that's about all I need to know at the moment.. 


Thanks in advance and forgive me if these questions are newbie Q's.. 

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