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6 months ago

Post Screenshot always saves all Displays

Why Post Screenshot always saves all Displays that I have in my setup (laptop + 2 monitors) when I only wanted to take a screenshot of the Display where the Browser is running?
In my test I specifically set the value to e.g.
Post Screenshot Aliases.browser.pageUserPortal, "Take screenshot", "", pmNormal, None, -1
but the screenshot contains all Display contents side-by-side.

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  • Humm I managed to get it working after all with the construction above.
    Anyway, how can we set by default (e.g. in case of errors) to only take a screenshot of the browser window where the application in running? E.g. not the other Displays

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    I would try redefining the parameters of Post Screenshot and selecting the object by picking the object on screen as described here. See if that gives you the more specific results.