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2 years ago

Odd log error in TestComplete

The only information I can get from the log is that it's an error in the log and the text is:


The only thing I've been able to find is that it may be related to MPI (Message Passing Index), but our application doesn't use distributed memory.


It does not seem to be a consistent failure either, which has made this even more frustrating to track down when it does show up.

Has anyone else seen this before?

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    If the problem persists, follow the steps below to diagnose the issue:


    1. Run the Report Generator tool located in <TestComplete>\Bin\ReportGenerator.exe.
    2. Select the "Launch/attach to TestComplete" option.
    3. Run another instance of the Report Generator tool.
    4. Select the "Track application launch" option, specify your application executable name, check the "Track multiple launches of the application" box and click Next. The Report Generator tool will wait until the application is launched and then will track all events in it.
    5. Reproduce the problem.
    6. Click the "Generate..." button in all instances of the Report Generator tool and save reports to a local folder.
    7. Send the report to TestComplete Support.


    The above steps were taken from a previous post!

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    What version of TC are you using? What actions are you performing, to cause this error to appear?



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      We're using version 15.47 or 15.48. Unfortunately I can't currently check the test machines.

      The test was clicking a confirmation button on a dialog.


      I believe Word was open at the time (not the application we're testing, but we open a Word doc as part of that test).