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15 years ago

Objects are not recognizing

At present I am using trail version of TestComplete 7.51, while recording the objects on application (app developed with infragistics) are not recognizing properly.  If I record by clicking on checkBox, TestComplete recording as click event with coordinates. e.g.,y).

Similarly, I am unable to get the records from a table (one by one) and the list of values available in dropdown or list box.

Please share the sample scripts.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Kishore,

    You can find the list of supported Infragistics controls in the "Working With Custom Controls" help topic. If the controls you use are not on the list, you can try working with the controls via their native properties and methods available to TestComplete.

    If you still have some issues, please let us know the controls' names and versions. We'll try to help you with appropriate suggestions or script samples.

    BTW, the latest version of the product is TestComplete 7.52. The update is available for downloading from our web site and the ClientServices portal (
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    I faced the same problem with Delphi desktop application. I had to surround the "speed buttons" and data grids, but it was not very successful at the end. Whole script became very big and slow. Application was recognized as "open". Are there any solutions of the problem in 7.5v? I am still using the old one.

  • Hi Alex,

    What exact version of the product are you using? Since TestComplete 7.0, our product has improved support for Delphi applications, and they are open for TC by default. 

    Please note that, in case your control is not on the list of the supported ones (the "Working With Custom Controls" help topic), you need to include debug information in your application to get access to the application's internals (in addition to the fact that your application is already open to TC). Please see the "Debug Info Agent" help topic.

    If you still face some issues, please clarify the target controls' names, versions and vendors so we can provide you with corresponding suggestions.
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    I will let you know asap. I dont have access to the product right now. Grid is custom yes.I am using 7.0v

    Happy to work with AutomatedQA support at least :)

    Thank you for quick response every time :)