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7 years ago

Object spy is not identifying object for Android app

I Can't identify object by using Object Spy for Android app....
already checked all driver and basic settings... Last day , it's working fine ... but have no idea why today i am facing this problem ??

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    More information would be useful in order for us to help you.


    What happens when you try Object Spy now?  Can you spy any objects or is just a particular one that's not right?  Posting screenshots would be good too.

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    I'm also testing on an Android Nexus7 for one of our applications. When attempting to use on screen or eye spy to identify specific properties and object the only action that is identified is my Windows or Web page objects. when I drag the pointer to the app object it will not pick up. I have checked option tab and also the file/install extensions to verify my settings. my device is USB connected as well to our test complete server. 


    Any suggestions would be most appreciated!! 



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      jgreeno I'm not sure if this is the same issue the original poster is describing, but you cannot spy objects of the Android OS itself, only properly instrumented applications. 

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        Understood, thank you for the reply!