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2 years ago

Object issue with Sign in to your account page


I am unable to do a object spy for the MS authorization page as attached .

Even recording also not happening on that page, Once it got recorded the same when I replay its not working.

Have attached the object which I got at the time of recording.

Can someone give a solution 

projectCenter = Sys.Process("ProjectCenter")

projectCenter.WinFormsObject("BrowserAuthenticationWindow").WinFormsObject("webBrowserPanel").WinFormsObject("webBrowser").WinFormsObject("Shell Embedding", ""). Window("Shell DocObject View").Panel("").Page("*").Panel(0).Form("i0281").Panel(0).Panel("lightboxTemplateContainer").Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel("lightbox").Panel(2).Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(1).Panel(0).Panel("tilesHolder").Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(0).Panel(1).Click(159, 34)






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