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7 years ago

Not able to operate TestComplete using webex, Gotomeeting or similar kind of applications

Hi All,


I am having trouble accessing TestComplete using apps like webex, skype, Gotomeeting or similar kind. When we two people connect using any of those applications, we are able to see each other screens but when I pass the control to operate each other, TestComplete is not allowing to type anything or select anything in it.


I checked the firewall whether it is blocking or not. Even, though I allow access through firewall it is not allowing. I am getting this problem in licensed version and also in the free version. Even if we are in the same network it is not allowing to operate Testcomplete from other machine. I tried all the ways in the settings.Even, I changed the settings in Sentinel Admin Control Center. But, nothing works.Please, give me the solution how to handle this in licensed and free versions. It is giving hard time to me.


Please, help me with this

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    We use Skype for Business and, when I share my desktop with TestComplete running and give control or vice versa, it works fine on this end.  My expectation, then, is that it is something unique to your situation and set up for those applications.  Are you sharing the desktop or the application?

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      I am using the enterprise licensed version of TestComplete.I was mainly concerned about the webex or any similar outside apps. Even In skype for business when I pass control to them they are not able to operate or do any operations on my window. Something is blocking me to operate from other machine. When I check the other tools besides TestComplete, we are able to access from the other machine. But only testcomplete is not allowing. Please, give a solution for this.