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12 years ago

Not able to compare Large Image size images in TC9


I have JPG image of size 5.76 MB .

when i tried to compare it it was giving an error"Picture object doesnt contain any image"

This is the script i used to compare and i have attached the images also. but same script is working for image whose image size 2.82 MB i am attaching that image also.

Image name which is comparing (NB_Astra Cells.jpg)

Image nem which is not comparing is(LIBB_Ring.jpg)

But this comparision is working fine in both TC 7 and 8 version

Sub Test1

Dim Pict1

dim Pict2

dim ResultImage

  Set Pict1 = Utils.Picture

  Set Pict2 = Utils.Picture



  Set ResultImage = Pict1.Difference(Pict2)

   If ResultImage Is Nothing Then

     Log.Message("The images are identical")



   End If

End Sub

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    Hi Prathibha,


    I've tried your code with both images in TestComplete 9.20, and it worked. What TC version are you using?

    BTW, I've got the same message when I specified an incorrect path to the image by mistake. Check that as well.