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9 years ago

Navigate to url with an ip address and port

I am new to Testcomplete and I am trying to get a script that will navigate to a specific web address on our intranet.  The address contains the IP and port so it looks like this:  I do not want to have the IP and Port and want to use wildcards for it since it could change.  Below is the script I created:


function web_test ()



But I keep getting a JScript error, the parameter is incorrect.  However it works fine if I replace the *:* with the actual Ip and Port.  


Is there anyway to keep the widcards for the IP and Port?????



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    You should navigate only to the exact address. 


    Navigate To("http://*:*/website/stuff/etc") sounds like "I want to go to the Some Street, house number 5, apartments 124. But I don't care about the city and the country where it could be" :)


    However you can use the wildcards for the name mapping. 

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      baxatob is right.


      You can't navigate to "http​://*:*/website/stuff/etc" as it's not a valid URL.


      You could have the IP and Port numbers as project level variables and update them as and when they change or via some sort of config file/script. That would work. But you need valid IP and port numbers in there if your site is not DNS'd.