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12 years ago

Name mapping questions

I did almost all of my mapping of web objects in 8.7 and then upgraded to 9.0.  Since then there have been a lot of changes to my projects, but now I need to go back and map a lot more objects in my web application.  There are 2 problems I'm facing now - I'm guessing both are just some setting that either changed in the upgrade or I changed without knowing what it did.

1.  The default properties used when selecting objects has changed.  It used to always use the Name property and sometimes some extra properties.  This was perfect for our web app.  Now it records the ObjectType and ObjectIdentifier - these do me almost no good.  I thought that's what templates were for but I have no experience with templates - and when trying to figure it out I noticed that Name is missing from the list of properties I can use.  I'd appreciate any advice on this (either using templates or switching back to using Name as the default property).

2.  Mapping objects in my web app has become extremely slow.  It used to take maybe a second to map something, now it takes up to a minute.  I thought this may have been a problem with my NameMapping file due to some recent problems with it, but even using a new project it is still slow.  I know it was fast in 8.7, I know it is slow now - what I don't know is whether it was always slow in 9.0 or if it's something I changed.  Anyone else seen this happen or have any guesses of what I can do about it?
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