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5 years ago

Name Mapping Issues with 14.4

Has anyone experienced any issues with name mappings in 14.4? This is in web browsers.


My issue is after upgrading many of my mappings no longer work. I have to remap them (and they map to what it was already) and the action still does not see the object just after remapping it.


Originally had a ticket and the issue seemed to be multiple tabs open and was given this solution to run this with the testcomplete.exe /ForkLimitBrowser /ForkLimitUnlimited. 


But now I am having similar issue, but I do not have multiple tabs open.


  • As of now the fix is to track down where the mapping is failing in name mappings and manually fixing it.

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      I have some tickets in. I was just trying to see if anyone else has had issues and if they were able to solve them.

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        SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

        kylegogtp I checked your ticket and see you have a call scheduled with support. Please share the solution with us afterwards! Would be extremely helpful for the Community.