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2 years ago

Multiple Execution plans

Me and my colleague work remotely on TestComplete and use tortoise svn to commit and pull all of our work, we add all our tests to our execution plan and have it set up so it stops if certain tests fail and will continue for others etc. We have a couple of issues. Firstly if we both add to the execution plan, if I push and then he pulls my changes, it will overwrite his changes in the execution plan rather than merging. Is there some kind of setup we need to do to merge the execution plan rather than simply overwriting? Secondly, and more importantly, we want a close to automated process of when a new version of the site is released we want to then automatically run either a regression test set or a reduced test set just to run a smoke test. From what I can see there's no way to have multiple execution plans so it seems there's a lot of manual work involved to change it from a regression test run to a smoke test run. We have looked into using tags however it says it runs the tests in a arbitrary order which would not work for us. We have also looked into multiple projects but ideally do not want multiple places to update our test scripts if we need to make changes Is there a way to have multiple execution plans? or an alternative solution to have a similar outcome? Thanks in advance

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    Tortoise SVN supports Merging, so I don't see why it wouldn't work. Might be worth checking your SVN settings.

    Also, you should be able to trigger automation once you've built your application (depends on your build process) using TestComplete Command Line

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    A solid option, IMO, would be to integrate with a TFS or Azure Devops solution where you can set up your tests to run as separate Test Plans [see here]. This is more of the fully automated setup I think you are looking for which works with build/release pipelines, allows you to manage your Execution Plans as separate pipelines, run test in the sequential order of your Test Plan, track/log/report on test runs separately, etc.


    [TC Integration w/TFS or Azure Devops]