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9 years ago

Moving between different tabs in RibbonStrip

I need my scripts to navigate through different tabs in the following control:




The ClassName of the control is "DevComponents.DotNetBar.RibbonStrip".


I could see hundreds of methods for this control using Object Spy but I couldn't figure out if there is one that actually clicks or selects a tab e.g. Edit (from the image)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am assuming that you have mapped the ribbon.

    Can you please try below code.


    Sub Test1
        Dim myControl
        Set myControl = Aliases.MyApp.MyAppDocument.MyAppRibbon
        Call myControl.Edit.Click()
        Call myControl.Data.Click()
    End Sub


    Here myControl is the declared working as a ribbon control and "Edit" and "Data" are the tab names.


    Please let us know , if this code does not work.

  • For some reason, Click doesn't work for me - it's also not available as a method when I use Object Spy.


    Select does work so that's the one I'm using now.

  • function a()


    var a = Sys.Process(ApplciationName);

    var b = a.WinFormsObject("FrmMain").WinFormsObject("radRibbonBar1").ClickItemXY(menuIndex,0,0); 




    function sa()




    Nee to create Project Variable for File,Edit,View.