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12 years ago

Means to use a Table Checkpoint to verify grid content against DB source


(Running TestComplete 8.7)

Our application uses a SQL DB and displays the content via DevExpress XtraGrid GridControls to the user.  Is there any means to populate a DB Store in TestComplete and use that as the source for comparison against a Table Checkpoint, or vise verse?

Ultimately, one of the goals is to verify that the content in the application grid view, before and after the application runs calculations, matches the content in the DB.  I can't seem to find any way to point the Table Checkpoint to a DB Checkpoint source.

Thanks for any assistance.

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    Hi Mike,

    Certainly, you can do this with a little bit of scripting.

    TestComplete lets you modify the baseline data of a table checkpoint using the TableCheckpoint.Values property. So, you could write a script that would read data from the database (see an example here), modify the checkpoint's data appropriately, and then execute the modified checkpoint.

    In addition, comparing a grid against a database seems to be a good idea for a built-in checkpoint, so I've logged a feature request for this. Thanks for the idea!
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      Hi Helen. do you guys have any progress in this? comparing a grid against a database, or is it any other way to do this