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6 years ago

Log.SaveResultsAs() does not give a value for "error test count" field

I am trying to get some information from the logs after my final test has completed but when I call Log.SaveResultsAs() from code some of the fields in description.tclog are not filled in.  "error test count" and "warning test count" are always 0.


I have an event handler for OnStopTest() where I call Log.SaveResultsAs(tempFolder, lsXML) from the final test.  Even though all of the tests have been executed, "error test count" and "warning test count" are always 0.  I tried calling Log.SaveToDisk() right before I call Log.SaveResultsAs() hoping that it would flush the buffer but I am still seeing some of the values in description.tclog set to 0.


Any ideas on how I can get the log file generated with the updated values (including "error test count") from my scripts?


I don't want to have to add another project, I would prefer to do this from the OnStopTest() event handler (I do check that the log is only written for the final test)

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    Do you know for sure that error test count and warning test count are non-zero inside your test?  I would look at that first.

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      Yes, I verified that several of the tests that ran before I dumped the logs have errors.  Interestingly, the "error count" field is > 0 but "error test count" = 0.


      When the program stops, the log file that is created shows the correct error test count even though no new tests have been run.  Unfortunately, I really need to get the error test count while the program is running.  I was hoping to get this from the OnStopTest event handler.

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        Here's my guess... and I'm not certain about this... but I'd be willing to bet that those counters aren't flushed to disk until the very last steps of a test run.  They are probably kept in memory until then to be sure that any last minute errors and/or warnings are tabulated.


        I would suggest you contact SmartBear support directly to confirm this.