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7 years ago

Keywordtest to script conversion - no parameters

Hi Folks,   I'm new to TestComplete and have searched the forums for an answer to my question - unsuccessfully.   I'd like to convert a keyword-test to a JavaScript-script. The test includes call...
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    7 years ago

    Basically, that means that, while there is a parameter for the keyword test being called, there is no actual value entered, meaning that the call is probably using the default value for the parameter.  If the keyword test has an "optional" parameter which has a default value, you don't need to pass in the value... you can call it without needing any parameter.  If the parameter is required, then it needs to be filled in.


    So...  double check those places where the value is the 3 dots... my guess is that the keyword being called, at some point in the past, had no parameters.  The parameter was added at a later date.  If you need to have a specific value in there, then you need to make sure it's filled in.