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5 years ago

Jira 8 Support for TestComplete and Zephyr

Does TestComplete suppot the use of the Zephyr for Jira plugin from a Jira 8.3 instance?  I am trying to connect from a local install of TestComplete to my Jira instance which has the Zephyr plugin i...
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    5 years ago

    Yes we were able to resolve the issue.  It looks like the underlying problem was that we had renamed the default Zephyr issue type in Jira.  The default issue type was called "Test" however we had renamed it to "Zephyr Test".  We were able to correct it by modifying the TestComplete project .mds file following these instructions:

    1. Open your project file (*.mds) manually with any text editor (e.g. Notepad).
    2. Then find the following section there:
    <setting name="ZFJ_TestIssueTypeName" type="5" value="Test" />
    3. After this, replace "Test" with "Zephyr Test".


    This corrected the issue for us.  We are using Jira version 8.3.3, Zephyr for Jira plugin version and TestComplete version 14.20.2175.7 x64.