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3 years ago

jenkins structure with pipeline



I ve 30 tests keywords to run every night with testExecute on a VM tests on one project.


I would like to know how do you setup you're tests in jenkins if you have 30 tests to run in one single project.


I used to use 3 differents pipeline in order to have to run 10 tests each time, i would be faster to rerun the test if one of them fail.


Problem is in my jenkins pipeline structure it created 3 projects on hard drive which could be a probleme in future if i continue to use this method


Should i use only one pipeline for those 30 tests, it would take a lot of time to re validate a job if a test fail


Another system would be to create 30 jobs in jenkins not in jenkins pipeline but i would be hard to maintain with the hour of run of each one of them every night.


What would be the best way?

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  • You could add job params to your pipeline and run the job with different params.

    * Break your tests into groups. (using tags)

    * Run 3 instances of your pipeline each with a different set of params.


    I have been doing this and it works well.

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      Thank you for helping, everyone!


      Hi alpha13m! Do the suggested solutions work? Please share how you managed to solve this. Thank you! 

  • Hi,

    One question I have is, are any of these tests dependent of each other? Or are they all independent tests? 

    If they are all independent tests, how important is execution time? The more machines we distribute to, the faster the execution. If these tests are independent we can also include the test property of "rerun test item on failure".

    - Matt