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3 years ago

Jenkins (Failed) + TestExecute (Passed)

Hi Everyone, 

Not sure if anyone ran into this issue before.

We have Jenkins set up to run our test script.
When Jenkins finished, Jenkins showed as FAILED run but when checking the result. All the executions showing PASSED. 


Any suggestion if there is a setting within Jenkins that causing this issue by chance?

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  • Hi ApisathS 


    The job build failed, but the tests themselves passed, so some other point (maybe, post-build step?) failed.

    Check the Console Output of the failed build #52 which should point you to what failed. Post here or DM to me if you prefer.


    Hope this helps

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      I will try this out too. With my current setting, it was working without any issue until these past few weeks. 
      Will add some post-build. Hopefully, this will help. 

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        Thanks for helping, mikef!


        Hi qa_qed and ApisathS, any luck solving this using the suggested approach?

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    We have been experiencing the same behavior.  This started maybe two weeks ago.  Running 14.8 via a Jenkins Freestyle job.  It had been humming along for at least 6 months.

    Contact customer support.  We have an open ticket but after the second response last week suggesting that we turn off the test time out in Jenkins--leading to a 3 day job run--I haven't seen a reply to my messages.

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      yea, my issue started about the same time as well. 
      Everything works great until 3 weeks ago.