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4 years ago

Jenkins can launch TestExecute but fail to execute project

The error shows process not found, and I can see the process was launched for about 5s then disappears.

Two questions here:

1. Does the "[WARNING] The node is connected via Java Web Start (JNLP). In this mode, the "Run interactive user session" property of the TestComplete Test step is ignored. TestComplete (or TestExecute) will work in the current user session." cause this? If so, any way to fix it?

2. When configuring on Jenkins, only TestExecute can be triggered successfully, TestComplete fails. The default arguments have /SilentMode. But I tried on the machine without /SilentMode, the project can be executed successfully. Why is that?

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  • Hi jun 

    Hope you are well. 

    Are you using the TestComplete support plugin in Jenkins? 

    If yes have you configured the settings section to run the interactive session and enabled, the user settings part and whether or not youwant to use an active session? 

    An interactive  session will need to be configured for both TC and TE


    See here



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      Yes I do them all.

      And wired things here:

      No matter which account I choose, it uses a certain account to launch TE.

      It cannot execute thru current active session, even when I select "Run interactive user session". And it uses the account above to create a new session.

      The plugin version is 2.6. Anywhere that may cause above behaviors?