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10 years ago

issue in getting row count and column count and clicking on cell of data grid

We have a Rogue wave Stingray C++ data Grid control in a desktop application. We want to click on the first cell of the grid. But we are not able to do the action. Columns and rows are not identified as individual. But grid is identified as a whole. I have marked the area on which we want to click. If you see in object spy snapshot there is error for wColumnCount and wRowCount as below.


Error: Error
An error occurred.
Possible reasons:
1. The application stopped responding.
2. The application was compiled incorrectly (see the Open Applications topic in the help system).
3. An error occurred in TestComplete.

Technical information:
97 0x80020006 (Unknown name.) GetRowCount


Why this error is comming and due to this error are we not able to do any action on first cell?

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    In most cases, child objects of grid controls are internal, so TestComplete does not recognize them as individual objects and does not show them in the Object Browser. To access these objects, you need to use native methods/properties of their parent objects. What particular methods/properties you need to use, you can find out in your control's documentation. However, firstly, you need to compile your application with the debug information. This will allow TestComplete to see debug properties that you may need to use.


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    I experienced this problem with a Delphi program which wasn't compiled with debug info.

    With the debug info, I have access to the elemets behind the grid such as Dataset and I'm able to browse in its records.

    If you need to keep a version of your software without debug info, see if you could build at the same time a debug-info free version and the debug info file besides it.

    So when you will want to run Test Complete, you'll just have to put it in the same folder than your soft executable.


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      I have added grid::CGridImpl class under Rogue wave Stingray C++ in object mapping. I am able to access clickCell and other methods like clickRowIndiactor, clickColumneader etc.. method. (in intellecense it shows all these methods)

      I tried directly using clickCell method on grid but its giving sntax error for this method.

      set wGrid = Aliases.SisXV.wndsisXVFrame.BCGPControlBare87c000081000310.BCGPTabWnde87c000081000310.BCGPControlBare87c000081000310.AfxWnd100u.Afx.BCGPTabWnde87c000081000310.page32770.GridContainer.GXWND
       wGrid.ClickCell(0, "Object ID")

      Eventhough I give column name or column index its giving syntax error.

      Is it not possible to directly use this clickCell method on grid? But on smart bear site and forums I have seem such line of code.


      I will try to compile the application with debug info as you suggested. I am getting error for colum count and row count. I only want to click on the first cell. Is there any other workaround for the issue?


      Also i want to know that how to identify that application is enabled with debug info or not?

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        See my answers below:

        >> Is it not possible to directly use this clickCell method on grid?

        Firstly, please check if your grid provides the ClickCell method. If it does, you should see the method in the Methods tab in TestComplete’s Object Browser. Once, you select the method in the list, you will see the required syntax.


        >>Also i want to know that how to identify that application is enabled with debug info or not?

        In the Object Browser, you should see the Debug Agent or RTTI sections with the list of properties and methods.