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8 years ago

Is there any kind of functionality to skip test items/unnecessary waits (I.e. Alt+Right/Ctrl+Right)?

My company only uses one license for TestComplete that I watch over and since I already am watching the tests I was wondering if there was any functionality with TestComplete (I.e. a shortcut command, Dedicated button, or option) that would allow me to skip test steps without adding extra code? (Unfortunately I know very little in terms for/with coding) I ask because sometimes our site runs slower than usual, usually after posts and it has effected my testing, I had to input a bunch of wait commands (which is great, but not always needed on each page) but I cannot tell ahead of time when ill need to disable/enable them to smoothen test times. If anyone knows a simple command or way to skip test items or an unneeded wait, any assistance/knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

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    Actually, the Wait is necessary, precisely because you don't know when the page will load.  One of the purposes of automated testing is for it to be able to run unattended.  You see that the timing is different because you are watching it, but ideally, the test is running in the background somewhere and you aren't sitting there watching it run every time.  

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      I just wanted to know if the functionality is there, unfortunately we don't have the proper "set-up" to let TestComplete run on its own, due to how many changes we makes to our sites on a daily basis. this is only incase our system is running faster than expected, just to speed the process up a little when I can.

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        When you say wait are you meaning you put in a hard coded delay? If you wait for a specific object to exist, the test will only take as long as it takes for that object to exist, not longer.