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9 months ago

Integration Test Complete and Azure

Greetings, I wanted to consult. I am currently testing the test complete application and specifically my idea is to run a pipeline from Azure with the test cases that I put together, the current problem is that when I run it I get the error message that the file has not been found. I am running it in a virtual machine with test execute, is failing in vstest. the intention is to automate our project with this tool.




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    Hi, I was checking my configuration and it is correct with the one you gave me but I still have the same error, I checked the agent and I gave it admin access to the VM but it was not solved. I wanted to consult, I have a trial version, could that be the reason? I leave screenshot of the errors

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    From the error it can't find your project, test.pjs. I'm not sure what the trial version offers, but it could be one of the reasons.