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2 years ago

In Headless Testing some of the priority values are different compared to regular GUI Testing

TestComplete Object SPY - The difference will be seen in properties and property values for same object in Local and Remote Browser(Headless Testing).

We have a project which we are trying to convert into Headless Testing Mode in local computer by using edge webdriver.

But scripts are failing due to difference in Property and Property Values in remote browser when compared with regular GUI testing.

Example1 :
childcount is 0 in Headless
Childcount is 11 in Regular GUI Testing

Example2 : Intertext, OuterText, and textcontent like this many properties are not available in Headless Mode. However all these properties are available in regular GUI testing.

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  • Hi Uttham!


    Reading through our documentation I see it might be related to the type of user-agent being used. We can alter this to help make sure the application reacts the same for each type of browser.


    From our docs;

    "If your tested website or web application behavior varies depending on whether your browser is in headless mode or not, for example, some resources are not available in headless mode, you may want to bypass this by overriding the user-agent string sent by your browser. To do this, you can use the --user-agent command-line parameter of Chrome and Edge."


    Here is the document itself with more information;


    I hope this helps!

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      Hi npaisley 


      I have followed the above mentioned link for this issue, however issue still exists.


      Note : I'm using this for the existing projects and I'm not creating new project.