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13 years ago

I'm getting a lot of First chance exception and debug messages in TC Log

I'm getting a lot of First chance exception and unnecessary debug messages in TC Log.  How I can turn this off? I never saw these message in the previous versions.  The log messages are confusing, thousands of error messages has been posted to log everytime I run my scripts.  What's causing this? Even a simple Delay function generates first chance exception in the log.   I attached here screen shot of the logs.

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  • Hi Alex,

    It looks like you have accidentally enabled the Debug run mode for your application in the Tested Applications editor. As a result, every time you run your application through the TestedApps collection, it starts in the Debug mode with TestComplete tracking all exceptions and debug events that occur inside the tested application's process. That is why, you get those errors in the Test Log. To disable this behavior, set the Run Mode option of your Tested Application element to Simple.

    I hope this helps.