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15 years ago

IE crash problems when using TestComplete to test web application


Our company used Testcomplete 6.52 to test our product which is developed by ASP.NET and FLEX. We deploy our web application and database on the same machine as the the testcomplete installed. Now we always encountered the problems of IE7 crash when we run the scripts. The IE window disappeared suddenly and no alert form pop out. It will happen in random place of the execution if the script is long.I think the cript code is correct, because it occasionally be able to execute successfully. I have tried many ways to resolve this problem including re-installed  IE7  ,unable all the add-ons in IE,  but all of these did not work. We did a lot of Manual Test on the same machine , the IE7 did not crash. So I think it should not be our application's problem. Did any one have some advice about it!?


our test environment is as below:

Windows Server2003 standard Edition SP2

CPU:   Intel Core 2 6420 2.13G


TestComplete:  6.52.419.7



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  • I have the same problem, especially with Explorer on Win7 platform (but with IE7 its also happens).

    I suppose, that this is because a lot of object.Refresh() calls are used in my scripts.

    But the same scripts works fine on XP and Vista platforms (configuration of each PC are the same).

    Please help me to solve the problem. 
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    Hi john,

    I have resolved this problem via installing the Microsoft update for windows automation API Library(KB971513). You can try to install this update,I hope it will be help for you.
  • Hi Liang,

    Thanks for your suggestion, but it was not helpful. This updated applies only to XP and Vista platforms (my scripts works perfect on these platforms). But my Explorer and IE are crashed on Win7 platform, and I can't found some similar updated for this platform.

    Can someone help me solve the problem with Explore crash on Win7 platform?


  • Hi John,

    There is something you can try on TestComplete's side. Please follow the instructions below:

    1. Use Process Filter to make TestComplete treat only the tested application as Open (see the "Project Properties - Process Filter Options" help topic for more information).

    2. Disable the Open Applications Support plug-in ("File | Install Extension...").

    3. Disable the plug-ins marked with a red icon (they will be marked after you disable the Open Applications Support plug-in). Keep enabled only the plug-ins you use.

    4. Enable the Open Application Support plug-in.

    5. Check whether the problem persists. If it does not, follow step 6.

    6. Enable the plug-ins one by one and repeat step 5 after enabling a plug-in. If the problem appears after enabling a specific plug-in, let us know the plug-in's name.

  • Hi Allen,

    I follow all the
    steps described above, but the problem stay persists.

    I disable Open
    Applications Support plug-in, and disable all plug-ins with the red icon after
    that. I just leave enabled MSAA Open Applications Support and Web Testing plug-ins
    because of they are required for our testing.

    Our test cases are designed to
    run on Win XP, Vista and Win 7. In each test case I should work a lot with
    files and folders, which are displayed in Explorer window.

    We are use MSAA plug-in to make
    visible for script all items in “SysListView32” control of the Explorer window
    on Win 7 platform (on XP and Vista we are not use this plug-in, because of “SysListView32”
    control can be recognized without any problems on these platforms).  

    So, I suppose that Explorer
    crash problem occurs on Win 7 platform, because of installed MSAA plug-in in
    TestComplete. But I can’t disable this plug-in, because I am not be
    able to work with files and folders in Explorer window on Win 7 platform

    (full description of my previous problem with Explorer on Win 7 platform you
    can find in “
    Issue# M0068488”).

    I will be very appreciating if
    you can offer any solution for Explorer crash on Win 7 platform.

  • Hi John,

    Please follow the steps below to help us investigate the crash problem:

    1. Download a free trial version of AQtime 6, which is our profiling tool, from our web site. The trial can be requested on the following page of our web site:

    2. Install the tool.

    3. Start AQtime.

    4. Select the 'File | New Project From Module...' main menu item.

    5. In the Open File dialog, select the tested application's executable file and click Open.

    6. Take a look at the AQtime toolbar - there is a combo box. Open it and select the "Tracing | Exception Trace Profiler" item.

    7. Select the "Options | Options..." main menu command - the Options dialog will appear.

    8. Set the "Profiling Time | Event View | General | Exceptions | Depth shown" setting to 100 and click OK.

    9. Start the tested application.

    10. Click the Run | Attach to Process... main menu item in AQtime.

    11. Select the tested application's process from the list by double-clicking it and click Run in the dialog that appears after that.

    12. Reproduce the problem.

    13. After the problem occurs, right-click somewhere within the Event View panel (it is opened by default at the bottom of AQtime's window) and select the 'Save All...' item.

    14. Save the panel's contents to an HTML file and send me the file via our Contact Support form:

    Thanks in advance.