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3 years ago

I want to Recorder to TestComplete doesn't recognize popups elements

I'm trying to record a test using TestComplete.  The application I test contains popups. The popup contains clickable buttons and links. The problem is that when executing the recorded test- TestComplete does not recognize the popup itself and all the elements in the popup. TestComplete waits for the popup element and then the test fails. The application bases on WPF on Windows OS. I'll be glad for some help regards this issue. There is a way to pass this, any extension needed?

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    Pop-ups can be tricky depending on how they were designed. Have you used you Object Spy tool to see how the pop-up is seen by TestComplete - IE: is it a separate page or window from your main app? TC may not know that it need to change it's focus between the 2 pages. This may provide a good starting point [TestComplete reference]. Consider using NameMapping to find the object [Community reference]