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4 years ago

How to write information about routine parameters my own function ?

Hi to all! I want to write some functions that my colleagues will use. That's why I wanted to write detailed information about routine parameters.  Is this possible?   It should be something like t...
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    4 years ago

    I am not sure if we can create embedded information to pop up (with ctrl+space) for helper functions that we create. Maybe some other users will have better answers than me, but here goes my shot


    One option would be to create code templates for our users to access via ctrl+J like shown here in which case we could provide parameters (%descriptive_parameter_name%) to pop up upon the usage of the code template, where the users would receieve a filled out code template using the desired helper function (with all of the parameters filled out)


    The other way that I would think of is to comment out the necessary datatypes and information needed for each of the parameters within the helper function itself, so that users can "go to declaration" as needed to browser the helper functions required parameters. 


    anyways, great question, ill sit on this one for a while as well