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2 years ago

How to update the Application path through Azure DevOps Pipeline


I am looking for a help.


I am trying to run automated tests on our nightly builds.The path is specified in the TestedApps folder. I want to update this automatically when I create a new build by triggering the pipeline. The folder where the installer is created is updating everytime with the version number and timestamp. When I triggering the pipeline, I want to choose the latest installer in the latest folder automatically for testing it with TestComplete test cases.


My release pipeline having two stages, first stage is Installer creation and second stage is testing. I want to test the installer created in the first stage with testcomplete test cases that I have specified in the second stage.


I am using Azure DevOps, if any knows how to do this,please help me

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      Installing and updating the test runner is just a matter of checking some settings in your pipeline tasks:

      assuming you have already set up your pipeline agent on the test machine, you should be able to follow the [TestComplete guide] for release pipelines or [full guide here].


      As far as setting up your TestedApps, it depends on the type of app [see here]  and [here] for how to reference where to find your app at runtime.

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        I have pushed all my test files to azure repo. There is a file called TestedApps.tcTAs . I want to update the file path of the installer automatically in the file after triggering the pipeline.Because the file path is updating everytime with it's version number. How can I do that? Can anyone help?