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2 years ago

How to set Environment variable for script level testing

Hi team, I am facing problem to set an environment variable for script level testing. for example, in my code am accessing data from excel files for my script. I need to set a common path for all t...
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    2 years ago

    This is SmartBear's official documentation on using envt variables [here] and passing them to pipelines [here] (if you're using pipelines). 


    I personally use my own "environment handler" in the form of an OnStartTest Event - see [here]. This is just a custom function that updates the envt related variables before the tests start; IE: passing the envt value (ex: DEV, QA, UAT) to the ProjectSuite or Project variables used throughout the test - like connection strings, folder paths, urls, etc. 

    function setEnvironment(envt) {
      ProjectSuite.Variables.Environment = envt;
      ProjectSuite.Variables.Site = "https://test-" + envt + ""; // using your own website url
      ProjectSuite.Variables.dboDatabaseServer = aqString.ToLower("sql-test-database-" + envt); // using your own database
      ProjectSuite.Variables.envtFolder = aqString.ToLower(ProjectSuite.Path + "\\" + envt + "EnvironmentFolder\\"); // using your own folder path
      Log.Checkpoint("| Test Environmnet Set | - " + ProjectSuite.Variables.Environment);

     **NOTE: if you use NameMapping and want to pass the "envt" variable to a mapped object - you'll need to use Project.Variables