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6 years ago

How to search and select value from dropdown of web application

I have recorded keyword test for dropdown with search. I have enter value and selected the value from dropdown in recording. i want to loop that recorded script so i use dataloop. my script is enter value to search and select that value and then add. but for second value it get failed. so i want to search and match that value and select that value. pls help me achieve this. 

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        Generally speaking, what I'm seeing is that the problem is not in the loop itself but in the object identification for your various components.


        1) You have the "Extended Find" turned on for automatic mapping.  While Extended Find is a good feature, it can cause a LOT of confusion in your mapping and can increase execution time.  Go to Tools | Options | Engines | NameMapping and uncheck "Use extended find when possible".  This will prevent using that flag moving forward.


        2) The object you have mapped as "Link" probably was mapped based upon the first item you selected.  You should examine the mapping properties of that object and adjust them to be less specific to the individual item and more generic to the link on the page.  You may need to do some work where you're not going to map the individual links but use a FindChild to find the desired link based upon your data driven loop.