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2 years ago

How to run tests in multiple browser sessions


I want to run a test on multiple sessions of chrome

For example

I want to login into a website using user 1 in chrome cognito sessions

Then I have to launch chrome in a incognito session and log in to the same website using the user 2

When i try to access the session in the incognito mode i can still see the focus is shifted towards the previous sessions i.e. the one in the cognito mode

How can i shift my focus from cognito to incognito mode and then back


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  • on my side, I can see forms and chrome sessions. chrome sessions report the same image but 'form' reports differently. I wonder what they are for? 


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    You will have to use unique properties that identifies the two browser windows, this will allow TestComplete to distinguish between the two.

  • i have mapped the unique identifier but it does not find it because it is trying to look into another window

    any way to switch focus

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    I just realised you are running in Incognito mode. Controls are not exposed to TestComplete. 

    When running Edge in InPrivate, controls are exposed. I wonder if this is a bug or it's not supported?


    Might be worth raising this issue via TestComplete: New Support Request

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    TC is able to recognise the objects in Chrome Incognito mode

    If you look at the properties between the two windows, i.e. Form, then you can use the Index property to distinguish between the two.