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6 years ago

How to Retrive Excel sheet cell values in testcomplete by using python

i want to use the excel sheet values in testcomplete for input operation by using python script

if the retrive the data by using excel sheet is possible how do i get mention buy a column and get the row values give some suggession for it by using python language

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    As you are working on TestComplete, it has in-build function where you can the data from Excel by using DDT drivers.


    Simple from help Doc:

    def CurDriverExample():
      # Creates a driver 
      DDT.ExcelDriver("C:\\MyFiles\\MyFile.xls", "Sheet1")
      # Iterates through records 
      while not DDT.CurrentDriver.EOF():
        # Gets a value from the storage and posts it to the log 
      # Closes the driver 

    you can find more information here