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2 years ago

How to passing text project variable to xpath in name mapping



I'm trying to parameterise the xpath for an object in my name mapping. The default value in name mapping is:


//span[text()='Theme 1']


In my web app, I have dropdowns for "Theme 1", "Theme 2", "Theme 3"... so I've set this up as a project variable:




In my test I set the project variable to "Theme 1", "Theme 2", "Theme 3"... whatever required.


And in the name mapping I've tried, unsuccessfully, to use this:


//span[text()='" + Project.Variables.Theme + "']


But it doesn't work ğŸ˜ž Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,



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    Just concatenate your template XPath string with the value stored in the variable.


    var strXPath = aqString.Format("//gub-beratercard/mat-card[contains(., '%s')]", Project.Variables.ConsultantName);


    And I agree with Marsha: try to avoid XPath in TestComplete unless you are considering cross-platform testing.

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    In script code, you can do

    function Test()
        // Project.Variables.Name = "Theme1"
        var strXPath = aqString.Format("//span[text()='%s']", Project.Variables.Name);

    But it's not possible to do //span[text()='" + Project.Variables.Theme + "'] in Name Mappings. TC will just search that entire property value.

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    Hi folks, thanks for the suggestions. I can set a project variable to required xpath, e.g.


    Project.Variables.Theme1 = "//span[text()='Theme1']"


    But the problem is populating this variable to the name mapping like below. I've tried everything. 



    Is it even possible in TC? Seems crazy not to be able to manipulate dynamic xpath.

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    Can you try this (enclose the variable in %)



    Replace a selector or the part of it with the project variable name, in the following format: %var_name%. If the specified variable does not exist in your project, your test will report an error.