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6 years ago

How to integrate TestComplete to Azure DevOps?

Hi Community


Currently I am trying to integrate TestComplete to an azure devops pipeline. To run the tests i have set up a virtual machine (not azure) where my TestComplete project-files are located and where TestExecute is installed. 


So far I managed it to execute my tests via self hosted azure-agent (vsts-agent) with a simple batch command. But now I am facing these two major problems/questions:

  • How can I run the tests with an interacitve user session?
  • And even more important: How can I parse the results in my buildplan, to see if the build (depending on tests) is failed or not?

I  have read these two articles regarding CI systems and test results, but I don't know how to use this information in my case.

A while ago I tried the same setup with jenkins and there it was no big deal for me. Unfortunately there is no such good documentation around for Azure DevOps.


I hope this all makes sense to you, since it's my very first post here and I'm not that experienced with TestComplete.


Thanks, Christian

  • Hi

    Meanwhile i found a suitable solution for my problem. Maybe this helps anyone getting started with azure and TC. Here is what i did:

    • In azure devops pipeline i used the visual studio test task where I reference the ".tc12Test" file. Important was to add the specific path to vstest.console.exe on the remote machine.
    • On my testmachine first I had to install the vsts-agent (not as service) to perform build jobs. The next step was to install the MS Visual Studio Test Agent (standalone). To make it understand testcomplete tests, it is necessary to install the TestComplete integration package (Test Agent version VS2017)
    • In Visual Studio I configured the tc12Test for VS test agent. This is well documented here:

    These are the basic steps i did. In my case I also had to tweak some windows settings to make the agent more stable.


    Regards, Christian




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