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12 years ago

How to handle dynamic links

Newbie to TestComplete!

Here is my case. My 'Event Scheduling' web app. contains three links as a part of footprint on top of the page, viz. Event Name, Event Scheduling, Event Summary. The last two are disabled till I save the Event Name.

During my Test Recording, when I click on the 'Event Scheduling' link to add date, time, and location for that Event, TestComplete captures that entire link which also includes a unique UID associated to that Event.

Now when I run the test to create a NEW event, TestComplete navigates to the earlier page because of the unique UID it embedded. This fails my test run!

Is there a way I can make TestComplete look for the text Event Scheduling and make it click there, so I can add date, time, and location for the NEW Event.

Hope I am clear. Thanks in advance!

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Ranjit,


    Have you watched this video demonstrating how to test dynamic objects in TestComplete? If the problem persists, could you please post here the differences among links you want to click so that we could clearly understand the task?